Year 9 visit from the UpFront Theatre Company

7 March 2022

Year 9 students recently attended a performance by the UpFront Theatre Company called “In Harm's Way” – a play & interactive lecture with a focus on self harm.

After watching the performance students were encouraged to discuss some of the characters' choices. The cast replay some of the key scenes and students are invited to offer the character's advice.


The play begins with an introduction to clarify some of the fact, figures and myths surrounding mental health.

The play itself follows the friendship of three Year 9 students over a 2-year period and explores mental health, coping mechanisms & emotional well-being. Through separate struggles with "self-harm" in various forms including cutting, drugs, alcohol & online relationships; we explore the dangers, consequences and help available for some of these problems.

Following the play, the actors facilitated a 30-minute post-show lecture. Students and cast pick through the main issues and identify any questions prompted by the story. The cast replayed key scenes from the play and invited students to offer advice to a character who had put herself in risky situations by experimenting with drugs, alcohol and online relationships.

This play has a focus on mental health & self-harm and risky behaviour.image4

Some of the student feedback:

'I could really identify with Tash, as that is how I have felt before'

'I learnt a lot about the different types of self-harm and it's not just about cutting yourself'

'I'm glad it worked out for Tash after Sophie spoke to Tash's mum so she could get the talking therapy she needed'

'I would definitely ask for support if I needed help, as by keeping quiet things just got worse - especially for Callum'