Big Walk & Wheel Challenge 2022

25 March 2022

We are currently taking part in the Big Walk & Wheel Challenge 2022 by Sustrans.

Students can register their journey to school with their Form Tutor each day as long as it includes 10 minutes of activity (walking, using a wheelchair, scooting & cycling etc.)

If we have over 15% participation the school is entered into daily prize-draws for some cool rewards.

The aim of the challenge is to encourage students and staff to think about the environment and their health.

So, if you drop your child at school, how about stopping a little further away from the entrance and letting them walk the last 10 minutes.

If your child gets the bus, ask them to get off the stop earlier and walking the rest of the way.

Of if your child has a bike, encourage then to ride to school! (We have bike racks near the front entrance).

We only have 4 days left next week to try and win some prizes!

More details and leader boards can be found here

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