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Mission Statement

The Local Governing Body is committed to realising the vision that Cleeve Park School will become an outstanding provider of education.

Through a proactive process of support and challenge we will strive to ensure that:

  • every student reaches their full potential
  • the quality of teaching and learning is of the highest standard
  • students intellectual, social, moral and emotional development is enhanced at every opportunity
  • all students are empowered to respond and succeed in a dynamic world


Our Constitution stipulates we have 10 Governors as follows:

  • 1 Head Teacher
  • 1 Staff Governors
  • 2 Parent Governors 
  • 6 Appointed Governors (2 Vacancies)

Chair of Governors: Shiv Chowla
Vice Chair of Governors: Andy Thompson

Please see the menu on the left for details of our current and recent LGB members. If you wish to contact governors, please do so via the school contact details.

Please click here to view the Constitution document

Governance Structure

There are 6 meetings of the full LGB during the year in September, November, January, March, May and July each with a particular strategic focus.  Each meeting will also include:

  • Executive Headteachers report.  The report will focus on school concerns, priorities and what happens next, with minimal references to previous activity except perhaps to highlight an activity, event or individual deserving special recognition.
  • Safeguarding & attendance update

In addition to academic projections, it is important that governors are aware of and able to engage/contribute to the following:

  1. Community engagement – for the local community to become more involved with the school, staff and pupils. How can governors, especially those who live locally, broker and nurture relationships that benefit both the community and the academy.
  2. Promoting the academy – positive public perceptions attract more pupils and higher quality staff.
  3. Celebrations and advocacy – we organise celebration events throughout the year for both staff and pupils. Whilst governors are very busy, leaders always value their efforts to take part and applaud the success of pupils and staff.

In addition, a Pay Committee meets once a year to consider and agree pay recommendations.