Ready, Steady, Cook!

13 October 2022


It was the Green’s (Mrs Manchester, Poppy & Kamarni) v Red’s (Mr Moloney, Jacob & Betsie) at Cleeve Park this afternoon!

In an event run by our catering provider Chartwell’s, Year 7 students took part in a very competitive Ready, Steady, Cook style challenge.

DSC 0797 3Chef James began the session talking about healthy eating and what makes a balanced diet. Then it was onto the competition. With their stations ready the students had 15 mins to prepare a meal ready for tasting. The Red’s prepared a plant-based pasta dish and the Green’s a vegetable burrito with tomato salsa.

DSC 0801 3During the cooking process all the students had a chance to come up to the work stations and give ‘helpful’ advice or encouragement and at the end a team of students were selected to taste test the meals.

DSC 0805 3The final winners were The Green Team – well done to them and to all the students who got really involved in the competition and cheered on their favourite teams.

DSC 0806 3And a big thank you to Chartwells for arranging.

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