10 July 2023

STEM Challenge

On Thursday 6th July 2023 11 of our Year 8 students took part in the STEM Challenge Day competition. They were paired up with other schools and in teams they completed a total of four challenges:

  • Robotics – Building and programming a robot to navigate a series of obstacles
  • E-FIT – Using police software to create an image of a ‘criminal’
  • Vehicle – Designing, building and then racing a simple electric vehicle
  • Medical Diagnostics – Student were tasked with diagnosing a ‘patient’ and testing for diabetes.

Although our students and their teams didn’t win the overall prize, Gemma Bailey and Keali Hooper placed first in the Robotics Challenge.

It was a fantastic day and all the students did Cleeve Park School proud.

Ms E Demetriou
Head of Design and Technology