Cleeve Park School encourages links and liaison with the local community and welcomes its premises being used after the school day or at other times by groups which directly or indirectly help create a richer and more diverse environment for students and staff.

Provided that there is no interruption to, or curtailment of school use of the premises, part of the school buildings and grounds may be let to outside hirers before, or after the end of the school day, at weekends and during the holidays in order to:

  • Raise income for the school
  • Better integrate the school into the local community
  • Satisfy some of the needs of local individuals, groups and organisation
  • Increase the use of facilities which are of necessity under used by the school.

Areas for Hire:

Lettings will typically relate to the following areas of the school:

  • Sports hall – large with a high quality floor.
  • Gym – good size space
  • Dance studio – Limited size but good quality facility
  • School Hall – Good size for a range of use
  • Classrooms / meeting rooms
  • Sports field – good size, limited by lighting and high usage would affect ground
  • Playground/netball courts
  • Plenty of parking space


For further information on how to hire our facilities please see the Lettings Policy below:

Hiring our Facilities