Laptop Donations

28 January 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

As I'm sure you'll have seen in the press and Government announcements that large numbers of laptops and other devices have been provided to schools for use by students whilst remote learning. When spread across large numbers of schools there is a limited supply to each school.

Cleeve Park has received just over 70 devices to date and have supplemented this with 110 school owned devices to allocate a total of 180 to students so far.

However, we are aware that many of our students are still struggling with shared devices, working on phones etc. Our Academy Trust has requested more devices and are also working to supplement supplies with donations from business.

We are therefore reaching out to our school community to ask if you or anyone you know would be in a position to donate a used device which we could potentially utilise. Our IT team would ensure that any donated devices are securely wiped before being loaned out if assessed to be fit for purpose.

Please contact the school on 020 8302 6418 or if you have any questions or are in a position to donate a device.

Many Thanks
Sandra Short
Executive Business Manager