How to register your child’s lateral flow test

8 March 2021

When your child has a lateral flow test at school you will need to register their test in order to receive the notification of the result.

Your child will be given a barcode sticker in their Contact book (or on a card if they forget their contact book).


Log onto the website


Register the test for “someone else” and scan or manually insert the bar code, depending what device you are using to register the test.

Complete the registration process, clicking the green button at the end of each screen (the centre code is CPSF).

At the end of the process you will receive confirmation that the test has been registered. If you have more than one child, you will need to come out of the website and back in to register the next test. All tests must be registered within 24 hours of the test taking place.

You will receive confirmation of the result to your phone and/or email account.

PLEASE NOTE: If your child tests POSITIVE we will ring you immediately and place your child in a separate room to await collection. Students will NOT be permitted to make their own way home. You must then arrange a test via the NHS Covid testing service (ring 119 to make an appointment or go to ).