Update from School

14 September 2020

Dear parents,

I understand that many of you are concerned about the notification of positive Covid cases at the school.  The school switchboard has been inundated with calls and we do not have the staff needed to respond immediately to all of the queries.  If, after reading the following information you still wish to contact the school with a query about the way the school is responding to the situation, please email enquiries@cleevepark-tkat.org and we will try to respond to your email within 24 hours.

As you will be aware the school has been following the government guidance on how to prevent the spread of Covid 19 for example, students have been encouraged to wash their hands frequently, use hand sanitiser, stay in the year group bubble etc.  Please see our risk assessment for more details here.  I am pleased to say that the students have responded very well to the extra requirements and have done as we have asked.  There has been confusion amongst parents over the wearing of face coverings; this is because the government guidance states that students should be “encouraged” to wear face coverings in shared areas such as corridors.  Consequently, some students have chosen not to wear them; which is fine but I know this has been a source of concern for some parents.

When the school is notified of a positive test result for Covid 19 there is a strict procedure that has to be followed which involves phoning the alternative to PHE for advice.  We give them details of the case and they give advice; that we have to follow.  In the case of a student testing positive, the government is keen that schools do not send whole year groups home; they prefer that schools trace those students and staff who have been in close contact with the infected student and ask them to isolate.  This was the advice that we were given late last night.  We therefore tracked everyone that could possibly be at risk of infection ie those people who were within 2m of the infected person for longer than 15 mins.  These people have been contacted and asked to self isolate for 7 days.  This would usually be 14 days but the student concerned has already been absent from school for 7 days.  If you have not been contacted and asked to self isolate your child then the government guidance is that you should send your child to school as usual. 

The student infected is in year 7 and because the students are taught in “bubbles”, any case in one year group bubble should not affect the other year group bubbles so if you have a child in years 8-13, the government advice is that you should send your child to school as normal.

Please be assured that the school is following all of the government advice carefully and is endeavouring to keep all of the students and staff safe whilst keeping the school open so that students can continue to receive an education.

I hope this answers some of your queries and further advice and information is available via our website here



Mrs V Ray

Consultant Head Teacher