Change to last day of term

10 December 2020

Dear Parents / Carers,

You may have seen the recent Government announcement that schools will have an additional closure day on Friday 18th December. The Government have made this decision because staff may need to continue to work in the first week of the Christmas holidays to support track and trace.

I can confirm that the school will be closed to students on this day and our last day will be Thursday 17th December.  We apologise for the late notice but we have only just been informed by the Government. On the 17th school will finish early at 11.45am and school buses will depart by 12 noon.  There will be an extended break during which students will be able to use the canteen.

If your child develops symptoms and is tested positive for COVID-19 over the Christmas holidays, the Government have issued clear guidance about when you should inform the school and when this can be managed by NHS Test & Trace -

When you need to contact the school:

If your child has symptoms either on Friday 18th or Saturday 19th then tests positive for COVID-19 on or before Wednesday 23rd December, please contact the school by phoning the school number 0208 302 6418 Option 0 or email

Please leave a message confirming your child’s name and year group, when they first developed symptoms and the date of the test.

When you should not contact the school:

If your child has developed symptoms after Saturday 19th December or more than 48 hours after they were last in school. In this instance, please contact NHS Test & Trace.

If your child has a positive test result which returns after Wednesday 23rd December. In this instance, please contact NHS Test & Trace.

Return to school

We return to school on Monday 4th January, if your child will be absent on the 4th January please phone the absence line in the usual way on 020 8302 6418 option 1.

We will be continuing with the current staggered start and COVID precautions when we return in January.

Many thanks for your ongoing support during this difficult term and best wishes for a happy Christmas and New Year.

Yours sincerely

Mrs V Ray

Head Teacher