Autumn Term - September 2020 Information

26 August 2020

Autumn Term - September 2020 Information

Dear Parents, Carers & Students,

We are looking forward to welcoming our students into school this September. The school day will be a little different going forward so we have combined all the current information below:


Return dates for all Year groups:

Start of term arrangements:

3rd & 4th September 2020 – Year 7 & 12 only

Year 7 day: 8.30am to 2.40pm
Year 12 day: 9am to 3pm

7th September 2020 – Year 8, 11 & 13 (plus Yr 7 & 12)

Year 8 day: 8.45am to 2.40pm
Year 11 day: 8.30am to 3pm
Year 13 day: 9am to 3pm

8th September 2020 – Year 9 & 10 (all year groups in school)

Year 9 day: 9am to 2.50pm
Year 10 day: 8.45am to 2.50pm

These timings will remain in place until further notice.

The School Day - timings and entry points:

The School follows a two-week timetable - Week A and Week B.

From September there will be a slight change in Year Group start times:

  • Year 7 will start school at 8.30am and end school at 2.40pm – Enter via main gate
  • Year 8 will start school at 8.45am and end school at 2.40pm - Enter via main gate
  • Year 9 will start school at 9.00am and end school at 2.50pm - Enter via main gate
  • Year 10 will start at 8.45am and end at 2.50pm – Enter via staff car park (near B14 stop)
  • Year 11 will start at 8.30am and end at 3.00pm– Enter via staff car park (near B14 stop)
  • Year 12 and 13 will start school at 9.00am and end school at 3.00pm – Enter via staff car park (near B14 stop)

We require you to keep to these times and exit promptly at the end of the day, students cannot loiter before or after school.

Updated information on face coverings (27/08/20):

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are looking forward to the return of all students next week and as I explained in July, we have followed the guidelines to ensure our school is as safe as possible.

The Chief Medical Officers from all four nations in the United Kingdom have made it clear that the overall risks to children from coronavirus (COVID-19) in relation to education settings is low and that the risks associated with not being in school certainly outweigh those of being in school. The World Health Organisation published a statement on 21 August about children and face coverings. They now advise that “children aged 12 and over should wear a mask under the same conditions as adults, in particular when they cannot guarantee at least a 1-metre distance from others and there is widespread transmission in the area.”

Nationwide, the Government is not recommending that face coverings are necessary for all schools  As a school, and as part of The Kemnal Academies Trust, we have taken the decision to encourage but not require our students to wear face coverings outside the classroom as we believe it will be difficult to maintain social distancing in our corridors and social areas.  In addition, on top of our hygiene measures and the system of controls recommended in the full opening guidance to schools, permitting the use of face coverings for students will provide additional confidence to parents and carers to support a full return of students to our school.  We expect all students to provide their own face coverings.  Students should not wear face-coverings in class unless there is a special reason.

It is vital that face coverings are worn correctly and we will be providing clear instructions to our students on how to put on, remove, store and dispose of face coverings, to avoid inadvertently increasing the risks of transmission. Safe wearing of face coverings requires cleaning of hands before and after touching – including to remove or put them on – and the safe storage of them in individual, sealable plastic bags between use. Where a face-covering becomes damp, it should not be worn and the face-covering should be replaced carefully. If students are wearing face coverings on their way to and from school, they should change their face covering before entering school.

You will appreciate that Government guidance is being constantly updated.  We will let you know if our approach to the wearing of face coverings changes.

I wish you all a lovely final week of the school holidays 

With kind regards,

Jenni Tyler-Maher

Executive Head Teacher

Key Information for students:

The Government has stated: ‘Given the improved position, the balance of risk is now overwhelmingly in favour of children returning to school. For the vast majority of children, the benefits of being back in school far outweigh the very low risk from coronavirus (COVID-19)’.

We are following government guidance by: grouping our students together in year group bubbles and keeping stringent cleaning and disinfecting processes we already have in place to ensure that our school is as safe as can be for your child.
In preparation, there are some key points below that you need to be aware of to ensure that your child is safe.

Details may change, we will keep you updated

  1. You must ensure that if anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms, your child does NOT attend school. Any child or staff member who develops symptoms in the school day will be sent home immediately. If anyone in your household, or your child, tests positive for COVID-19 you MUST inform your school.
  2. Travelling to and from school: The government has advised walking or cycling to school wherever possible to reduce the use of public transport. We are working with TfL in regard to providing additional buses, however this would appear unlikely at this time. Currently numbers on a double decker bus are limited to 30 so a space cannot be guaranteed for all students. Please seek alternative arrangements for your child to travel to and from school. Please remember that TfL have restricted the free travel service for students. Please seek advice through the TfL website.
  3. Attendance at school: The government has relaxed the rules on attendance during lockdown. However, this will change in September. The government guidance says: ‘Missing out on more time in the classroom risks pupils falling further behind. Those with higher overall absence tend to achieve less well in both primary and secondary school. School attendance will therefore be mandatory again from the beginning of the autumn term’
  4. Face coverings: please see the separate guidance sent out regarding face coverings.
    Your child will be expected to follow strict behaviour rules relating to physical contact with other students and keeping their hands clean. Students will be directed to wash their hands as they enter the school building and regularly throughout the course of the day. Please refer to our visual presentation for you to share with your child which is attached and will also be available on the school website.
  5. If your child has Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND), we will contact you to explain what provision will look like from September.
  6. Our school canteen will re-open in September, and lunches will be available again.
  7. Students eligible for free school meals will return to having their lunch at school, and will no longer receive lunch vouchers. The offer will be limited and food will NOT be available to purchase before school or at break time. We have staggered lunchtimes and these are as follows:

    Year 7 & 8 will be from 12.20 – 1.00pm. The main canteen will be divided in two and each year group will be allocated a specific side to ensure we maintain our year group bubbles.

    Year 9 – 13 will be from 1.20 – 2.00pm. Year 9 & 10 will use the main canteen; each year group will be allocated a specific side to ensure year group bubbles are maintained. The canteen will be cleaned after the Year 7&8 lunch.

    Year 11 will be using the 6th form canteen.

    6th Form will be using the Cleeve Meadow School canteen. This will have been cleaned after the Cleeve Meadow lunchtime.
  8. In order to maintain social distancing during break times, we have staggered the start of break for year group bubbles.
  9. It will be more important than ever that your child has their own equipment in school to ensure that this does not need to be shared. Please ensure your child comes to school with their own equipment.
  10. Students will be expected to wear full school uniform.
Return to plan for students

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