22/04/2020 Year 11 Letter

22 April 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

RE: Year 11 GCSE grades and other important information

Following the Government’s decision to cancel the 2020 examination series you will have since received a letter from Ofqual regarding the way in which GCSE grades will be awarded this summer. The information below should hopefully clear up any questions you may have and also give you some guidance on what comes next for your son/daughter.

How will my son/daughters grades be determined this summer?

It is important to note the Awarding Bodies (exam boards) determine the final grade for each student.

However, the classroom teacher will use their professional experience to make a fair and objective judgement of the grade they believe a student would have achieved, had they sat their exams this year.  In addition to this, schools are required to provide a rank order of students within each grade.  No further work is to be completed to inform this judgement. 

If your son/daughter is following a Pearson BTEC qualification and/or an OCR National qualification the guidance is the same. 

Schools must submit this data to the Department for Education by 29th May 2020.  Exam boards will then carry out statistical standardisation which could result in grades changing either up or down. Results will be shared with students on Thursday 20th August 2020 (not earlier as originally suggested).

The appeal process for students and schools is still being decided, however all students will have an opportunity to sit their exams in the new academic year, if they feel their result does not reflect what could have been achieved.

Colleges and sixth forms will then use data to decide if the student has met requirements to continue onto their chosen course.

So what should my son/daughter do next?

After working so hard, we understand it may seem strange for your son/daughter to accept that no more can be done to alter the grade they will achieve this summer. We do however recommend that they begin to look forward to the subjects they will be studying next year. Mrs Osman and the Key Stage 5 team are aware of this and will be sending out transition work that we encourage all of our students to participate with.

Research tells us that the longer the break in formal education the greater the loss of learning.  Completing some work between now and September will minimise this loss. GCSE Pod is a learning tool with rich Curriculum coverage. If used consistently and systematically it can help with retaining information already learnt and to consolidate learning. Please find below a link to the user guide for GCSE Pod that will walk you through the steps to logging on.


You will also have received resources from the KS5 Team which have been uploaded to RULER. 

I hope this clarifies matters but please do not hesitate to contact the KS4/5 Team Leaders should you have any further questions.

Mrs Osman osmanz@cleevepark-tkat.org

Mrs Kowalczyk kowalczykn@cleevepark-tkat.org


Kind regards

Jenni Tyler-Maher

Executive Head Teacher