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  • The National Careers Service – Results day webinar for parents/carers

    The National Careers Service – Results day webinar for parents/carers

    The National Careers Service is delivering a series of webinars for parents and carers whose children are receiving results this August. We recognise that it has been a challenging year for students and want to equip parents and carers with advice to support their children on the day. Click the links below to sign up to one of the webinars and get:

    tips on how your child can prepare for results day
    advice about their options
    advice about leaving education and exploring careers
    signposting to useful sources
    an opportunity for Q&A

    Friday 30 July, 12pm
    Tuesday 3 August, 4pm
    Wednesday 4 August, 12pm read more

  • Year 7 - Form tutor Friday

    YEAR 7 - FORM TUTOR FRIDAY Congratulations to the following year 7s who were nominated by their form tutors to receive the Form Tutor Award. Students have been selected for a number of reasons eg improved punctuality, attending Bedrock sessions, excellent engagement in lesson. Well done to the following students - the chocolate box will be visiting you: 7CND - Mikey B 7DUN - Dylan A 7EDJ - Nina H 7ORI - Riley C 7RAH - Finley C 7TON - Gemma F A special mention to Dylan K in 7DUN who is our Jack Petchey winner. Dylan attended an online ceremony and was presented his certificate and medal in school by Mr Luck who coordinates the Jack Petchey scheme at Cleeve Park. read more

  • Library Newsletter & Summer Reading Challenge

    Here, at Cleeve Park, we are busy cultivating an identity as a reading school and community. Together, we are working hard to recognise the role that reading, comprehension and literacy play in unlocking the subjects our students undertake. Please take the time to read through our newsletter where you will find hints and tips to support reading as well as detail on the benefits of reading, tips for reading together, suggested reading, how to access free eBooks, audiobooks and magazines and detail on the school reading programme ‘Accelerated Reader’ and school library system ‘Simple Little Library System. Over the summer we are continuing to strongly encourage students to read Reading benefits both mental and emotional growth while helping to develop critical thinking skills, increases knowledge, inventiveness, vocabulary and generally makes you smarter! read more

  • Pride Month

    As part of our LGBTQ+ Pride Month events, today is our official Pride Day. There has been a lot going on this month including: PSHE this month has been focused on the themes of Relationships, Prejudice and Discrimination. Following an initial meeting to gauge interest our students are now running a weekly LGBTQ+ Club to support our school community. Students have been working with the Art Department to create themed bunting for our student foyer. read more

  • MyEd App - Update needed

    Please note we have been advised that parents and carers will need to ensure the MyEd app on all devices needs to be running the latest version to fully ensure communicating to and from the school is fully functional.

    You can find the update here:

    Apple App Store

    Google Play Store read more

  • TKAT Wellbeing Week - 2021

    TKAT’S VISION FOR MENTALLY HEALTHY SCHOOLS TKAT’s culture and ethos supports the development of healthy minds and emotional wellbeing. Our schools and communities are proactive in promoting and raising awareness of mental health and in reducing the stigma sometimes associated with it. Our schools and families work in partnership to support our children and young people to develop the necessary tools, beliefs and mindset to overcome any challenges they encounter through life’s adventures, to engage with them with positivity and optimism and embrace opportunity. Our schools are happy, healthy places where children and staff feel safe, have the resilience to deal with setbacks and can access timely and effective support when needed. read more

  • New Wisepay App

    WisePay’s New Parental App Frequently Asked Questions What is the difference between the existing WisePay App to the new WisePay App? We’ve been working in the background to improve our parents’ app experience and make managing your school payments even easier. Parents can now top up specific amounts, complete transactions, view messages and manage bookings all inside the app. Has the WisePay’s branding changed? read more

  • Free Level 2 training from the AIM Group

    Dear Parents and Carers, Free Online Training Information for Parents in association with TKAT Due to Government Funding in the Adult Education Budget, we have several Free online Level 2 Accredited Courses available to Parents to help better understand some key issues around young people's mental health and wellbeing. Here's some of our most popular subjects available: Understanding Children and Young Peoples Mental Health (Understand factors which may affect Young Peoples mental health, the impact that they have and how to support them with these issues) Understanding Autism (learn how individuals process sensory information, understand characteristics, understand conditions, learn how speech, language and communication differ in people with Autism) Understanding Behaviour That Challenges (supporting positive behaviour, effective communication & how to manage challenging behaviour) Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties (understand characteristics of ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia & Dyscalculia, importance of early diagnosis, assessment methods available to diagnose learning difficulties) Adverse Childhood Experiences (tailored to understand how separation, divorce and death in a family can have an effect on a child's mental health) On average the courses take between 15-35 hours to complete (dependent on each individual's learning ability) within in a 6-week window and are completed on a laptop or computer at the learner's home. No Exams, end point assessments are involved, the courses are purely Q&A based and are available to you 24/7. You can do as many as you like, however you can just do one at a time. read more

  • Dyslexia Friendly Books

    We have made a really exciting addition to our library this week with 60 new dyslexia friendly books. These are Barrington Stoke books, with accessible font, layout and spacing on heavier, tinted paper. These books are engaging for teenagers, but written and designed to support reluctant readers, dyslexic students and/or those with low reading ages. Speak to Mrs Smith for more information and for the list of titles in the collection. read more

  • NHS Test and Trace: COVID-19 testing home testing for students

    NHS Test and Trace: COVID-19 testing home testing for students.Dear Parent/Carer, Following on from our programme of three Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests for students upon their return to school, we are providing LFD home testing kits for students today to start testing. A negative home test result should not be understood as a means to relax or ignore social distancing or other virus prevention measures intended to reduce transmission – home testing is an additional tool that contributes to reducing risk. Written guidance will be provided with the home kits and an instructional video is available on YouTube for those taking the tests. The link for the video is: youtube link for COVID testing at home The test kits come with instructions on how to carry out the test, or this can be found online at Students should test twice weekly 3-5 days apart at home before coming into school, ideally in the morning. read more

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