Religious Studies
KS3 - RS


In Religion, Ethics and Philosophy, we aim to support students in developing their understanding of the world around them. From their peers in class, to the beliefs and philosophies of Eastern Asia. We aim to deepen and expand knowledge and understanding of the six world religions, recognising their chronological and historical place in society. Considering how this affects people’s lives, whether religious or atheist. Britain is a very diverse society; through learning about the range of beliefs, we encourage students to reflect on their own opinions, beliefs and choices through knowledge and debate. Through philosophy, students engage in critical thinking and develop discussions inspiring logical and reflective thought. From Ancient Greek philosophers to topical big questions, students engage with a wide range of thought-provoking topics. Within ethics, students explore how moral decisions are made, applying their understanding to classic ethical dilemmas and current issues. Together, these disciplines aim to create knowledgeable and reflective thinkers.

Through Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, students become open minded to other points of view, learning to identify and challenge misconceptions and prejudice. Students are given the opportunity to listen to each other and not be afraid of making their own voice heard, justifying their viewpoint with reasoned consideration. Students engage with their thoughts and the wider world, considering perspectives that vary to their own. 

“To find yourself, think for yourself.” - Socrates 

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