KS3 - PE

Physical education is a diverse and evolving subject which combines physiology, psychology and sociology of sport and physical activity taught through active practical lessons.

At Cleeve Park the aim of the PE curriculum is to encourage participation through enjoyable, engaging activities leading towards a healthy active lifestyle. With a curriculum that enables the development of valuable life skills such as confidence, communication, teamwork, cooperation, resilience and determination. 

Physical Education provides students with the opportunity to develop  performance, team work, communication and roles within physical lessons. 

Teamwork:- Learners take on a variety of roles within lessons, working collaboratively whilst taking ownership of their own learning.

Etiquette:- Learners respect the rules, regulations and all members of the community and environment.

Active engagement:- :Learners become positive members of the class, who are involved in all aspects of the learning. To embed lifelong learning and become active members of the school's sporting community.

Mass participation:- All learners having an active role in the lesson, regardless of injury, illness, additional educational need.

Sport 4 all

Throughout KS3 students will have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities including Invasion games (football, netball, basketball etc), Net Sports (badminton, table tennis, short tennis), Athletics, Health and fitness and Striking and fielding sports (softball, rounders, cricket).

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KS4 - PE