Modern Foreign Language
KS3 - French

At Cleeve Park School, we believe that learning a foreign language is a necessary part of being a member of a multi-cultural society and provides an opening to the world.

At KS3, students have two lessons of French per week and we aim to build their “culture capital” so they are aware of similarities and differences between cultures. During these lessons, students are introduced to a variety of topics focusing on the four key skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Examples of how our curriculum supports their language-learning experience are through a range of activities that promote student curiosity, confidence and collaborative thinking. Through teacher modelling, we encourage our students to be well-mannered, thoughtful and mindful of others and our enthusiastic and interactive approach is mirrored in the students’ engagement.

By the end of KS3, we want our students to be able to talk interact and talk about their preferences on a range of topics as well as being equipped to manipulate the language independently.

We believe our curriculum goes beyond what is examinable and our students benefit from educational visits. We also actively encourage students to connect with native speakers and strive to organise letter exchanges and video presentations with pen-pals from France. 

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