KS3 - Maths

Curriculum Intent - Maths

We aim to deliver an engaging, relevant, progressive and enriching lessons  for all students while delivering The National Curriculum for Mathematics,  which aims  for all pupils to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics; reason mathematically, and  solve problems by breaking them down into series of simpler steps while persevering in seeking solutions to problems.

KS3 curriculum - Y7 and 8 - adopts the mastery style of lesson delivery to help pupils develop an in- depth knowledge of Mathematical concepts, and apply them in a variety of ways which includes relating them to real-life situations. We aim to bring Maths alive by using representations to model concepts, and plan lessons to build on prior knowledge to allow pupils to see connections across topics, thus allowing pupils to enjoy and appreciate Mathematics as a subject.

Engaging & Relevant



The KS3 and KS4 curriculum is broad and covers the topics as outlined in the National Curriculum. This is demonstrated through the Medium Term Plans which follow the National Curriculum and is engaging and relevant to our pupils.

Learning is encouraged through a variety of teaching styles which is bespoke to individual classes and how they learn best

Our key stage 3 pupils take part in 8 1 hour lessons per two weeks

Maths interventions are offered across the curriculum for those pupils who need additional help, tailored to them by maths specialists.

After any training, best practice is shared across the department to ensure pupils are making progress.

We close the gaps – baseline assessments are conducted and pupils are set challenging, but achievable targets. Throughout the year, KS3 are assessed on 6 formal occasions, but we also make use of informal assessments to monitor pupils’ understanding. 

High expectations of achievement are evident and the quality of pupil work and steps of progress made at KS3 are relative to the pupils behaviour and effort put in 

Tasks and lessons are well differentiated and/or scaffolded to meet the needs of pupils and all pupils are able to access and be successful in their learning. 

When there is opportunity to do so, and it is relevant to the topics being studied, pupils will be able to conduct investigations to aid their learning

Within maths, pupils show a willingness to participate in, and respond to, mathematical opportunities. 

Throughout the curriculum, there are opportunities to link maths to ‘real life’ applications and build the foundation for college, apprenticeship and further career opportunities. 

Good quality, positive relationships are built with pupils in maths; igniting an interest in the subject and reconnecting pupils with the subject (many of whom have had very negative or little previous experience).

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KS4 - Maths

KS4 curriculum - Y9 to 11- builds on the foundation of KS3 with focus on problem solving, and applying the knowledge they have acquired in lessons to solve exam style questions in preparation for their GCSE exams.