Key Stage 3 History

History curriculum intent.
We believe that students deserve a broad and ambitious history curriculum, rich in skills and knowledge, which explores a range of cultures and stimulates an enquiring and critical outlook of the world and a desire for lifelong learning.

  1. To provide young historians with an agreed core of historical knowledge that they can wield in their future study of history and other subjects. Knowledge of the chronology of British history and key events and ideas in world history will allow students to understand their contemporary world and Britain’s role in its development.
  2. To explore and engage with diverse histories that take students beyond their immediate context. The curriculum will provide students with an opportunity to investigate and empathise with how diverse communities have perceived events in different ways. 
  3. To equip students with an array of critical skills and an analytical frame of mind. The curriculum will embed opportunities to engage with the work of the historian and develop ‘second-order thinking’ about causation, historical change and significance. Students will also be encouraged to critically evaluate the provenance and perspectives of a range of historical evidence.

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