KS3 - Geography

Cleeve Park Geography Curriculum Intent

Geography is a subject that is multi-faceted and always evolving. Here at Cleeve Park we aim to equip all learners with a layered understanding, the ability to question and the skills to investigate the physical processes and human interactions of the world we live in with a critical mindset. 

Students explore a wide range of human and physical themes at a local, national and global scale in order to allow them to better understand the world outside of Sidcup. 

Throughout the learning journey at Cleeve Park students will investigate key themes such as Development, Urbanisation, Physical Processes involved in Coastal Areas and Rivers, Weather Hazards, Climate Change, Regeneration, Globalisation, Resource Management, Tectonics, Energy Security, Water Insecurity and The Management of Ecosystems.  

Geography offers the opportunity to study a range of topics that investigate the physical processes of our planet, human societies and the economic and environmental challenges we all face. We believe this is crucial so that students have the confidence to interact with the world around them and become global citizens.

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KS4 - Geography