English (Language & Literature)
KS3 - English

At Cleeve Park School, we want our students to become empathetic, critical explorers who are skilled in communication. 

  • Our students will be able to access texts and effectively communicate in a variety of forms as we build competency in spelling and grammar and expose our students to a rich range of vocabulary. 
  • We want our students to become independent, considered, reflective thinkers when interpreting texts and ideas. We want them to discover and develop voices to enable them the freedom to express their creativity.
  • We want our students to be able to explore how texts impact them and how that could be different from the impact on others. Our students will deal with meaning as a spectrum and learn to be creative thinking knowing how to deconstruct the significance of key texts and their value in society. 
  • We want our students to be exposed to a range of significant and impactful world literature from varying authors across a range of genres, periods and cultures and consider how these texts can be contextualised to assist with interpreting meaning.

To learn more about the Key Stage 3 Curriculum for English, including learning journeys, please click here

KS4 - English