KS3 - Drama

Drama supports the English Curriculum in the delivery of reading, writing and speaking skills. We promote a world view using drama as a tool to explore social, political and religious surroundings and explore issues in a safe environment, providing students with a platform to discuss, perform and share their findings. Providing Drama each week means that they are not only building their curriculum knowledge, helping boost academic results, but they are also developing coping mechanisms for life in and out of school. We also provide opportunities for children to focus on themes and topics such as relationships, bullying and community, providing a wholesome learning experience.

At Cleeve Park School we aim to provide a curriculum for drama that explores other cultures, drawing on the skills and techniques of past practitioners and looking at contemporary theatre to develop an understanding of the world around us. It is our intention to inspire and motivate children’s creativity, allowing them to find their voice and open up their imagination. We aspire to provide a space where students can explore challenging themes in a safe classroom environment, which aims to build skills such as self-confidence, commitment, empathy, compassion, courage, peer engagement, emotional resilience, problem solving and self-esteem.

These co-inside with the values and ethos of the school which is to develop students to strive for commitment by helping them to excel when challenged, have compassion and develop an emotional understanding when exploring text and characters and courage, to approach a wide range of public speaking with confidence.

To learn more about the Key Stage 3 Curriculum for Drama, including learning journeys, please click here

KS4 - Drama