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Curriculum Ambition

Our curriculum ambition for all students at Cleeve Park is that they are part of a community that aspires to succeed.  Regardless of starting point or barriers to learning, our students are encouraged to be proud of their learning journey and continue to be lifelong learners after their time at our school. We have a shared and common purpose within the TKAT family that all students have opportunities to achieve their ambitions.

Our ethos is based around Commitment, Pride and Success

Commitment to learning

Pride in ourselves and our community

Success both academically and personally

Regardless of subject or age, our curriculum intent is based upon the following attributes:

  • Instilling in students a thirst for learning.
  • Taking responsibility for our own learning journey
  • Understanding the importance of care for ourselves and others.
  • Challenging and inspiring every student to achieve their ambitions
  • Developing learning and thinking skills to become creative, independent learners.
  • Preparing students for the here and now, and for their future.
  • Developing students to participate fully and positively in democratic, modern Britain. Respecting and listening to the view of others. 
  • A wide range of opportunities to develop Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Awareness

We encourage students to be creative and enquiring thinkers whilst respecting the views of others.  There is a clear understanding that literacy runs throughout every aspect of our curriculum, developing students to understand the value and joy of reading.

Our taught curriculum is co-planned so there is a clear link throughout, and between subjects.  Our curriculum is diverse and knowledge rich - supporting students to have a wide base of knowledge across a range of subjects and interests. We recognise that qualifications improve life chances and our broad, balanced curriculum supports that. 

Our wider curriculum allows us to broaden the experiences and wider understanding of the world around us.  The wider Curriculum represents a substantial part of the educational experience, involving a full choice of activities that take place beyond the academic curriculum. We see it as an essential part of the learning experience, offering students the opportunity to learn about life in its broader context: its challenges and opportunities, how to respond to successes and occasional disappointments. 

Cleeve Park Final

SEN Curriculum Ambition

At Cleeve Park, our aim is that all students, regardless of SEN or disability achieve their potential and are ambitious for success.  Through quality first teaching, and where appropriate reasonable adjustments/EHCP additional support, we aim for ALL students to have the opportunity to access a broad curriculum at a pace that is appropriate to their ability and additional needs.  

We expect all teachers to be teachers of SEN and to work with professionals, parents/carers to ensure that children with SEN are as ambitious and challenged as all Cleeve Park students