Home work is a valuable part of our students’ learning. We believe that it can develop, enhance and consolidate the curriculum experience.

Homework is that which is undertaken outside of the classroom; traditionally done at home but many of our students take advantage of facilities before school commences, at lunch time and after school to complete their homework.

In order for homework to be meaningful it needs a clear justification and at Cleeve Park we believe it is to:

  • Consolidate work done in the classroom
  • Retain key words and information
  • Revise in preparation for a test or to consolidate learning
  • To develop research skills
  • To work independently
  • To enhance knowledge and understanding
  • To prepare for new topics
  • To develop time management and independent learning
  • To prepare KS3 students for externally course assessed work at KS4 and 5

Homework can take many forms including:

  • Projects
  • Reading
  • Directed research
  • Revision, including note learning
  • Surveys and interviews
  • Creating and making
  • Comprehension
  • Knowledge Organisers


A new Knowledge Organiser will be issued each half term for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 to study, allowing them to access the basic principles for their subjects each term.

Most Knowledge Organisers will include the essential facts about the topic, usually laid out in easy-to-digest chunks; key vocabulary or technical terms and their meanings; images such as maps or diagrams; and famous quotations, if relevant.

Students will work from their Knowledge Organisers at home for independent study and complete a minimum of five pages of notes each week in their Homework Books which they are required to bring in to school every day. They will also be quizzed on the contents of the Knowledge Organiser each week in form time. Additional homework may be set by subject teachers where appropriate. Sanctions will be set for students who fail to pass their quizzes and complete their notes.

KS4 & KS5

Our teachers will set homework on a regular basis in each subject. This will be logged on RULER for students to access online. The nature and length of the homework at KS4 and KS5 varies according to the needs of the subject and course being followed. Students will receive their individual usernames and passwords from their Form Tutors.

Additionally, Students will be provided with a Homework Planner at the beginning of the school year, enabling parents and teachers to record or comment on any concerns or questions regarding the homework set.

Sanctions can be issued if homework is not completed as instructed.

The support of parents and carers is vital in ensuring homework is accessed and completed in an appropriate learning environment where the completion of homework to a high standard can be monitored.

Parents should contact class teachers or Heads of department in the first instance if there are any concerns regarding homework.