Code of Conduct

The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT) aims to foster a culture of the highest professional standards and safeguarding.

This Code sets out the standards of conduct and practice that all employees, Governors, volunteers, workers and contractors are expected to follow in order to ensure behaviour of the highest order so that pupils, parents, the community and colleagues have and maintain confidence and trust in the integrity of those working for TKAT.

This code is designed to be supportive and will assist employees to maintain professional standards of behaviour and protect themselves from misunderstanding or criticism.

All employees and workers are expected to support creating and maintaining an ongoing culture of vigilance and safety in relation to safeguarding children. The needs of the child will always take precedence over the needs of any adult in this context. Individuals not complying with Academy and / or Trust safeguarding procedures should expect, and support, challenge. In turn, anyone witnessing any suspected breach of safeguarding practice should feel assured that they will receive the full support of Leadership and colleagues when raising concerns.

In essence, adults working for or with TKAT are expected to act as role models for the children served by the Trust, putting them and their interests at the heart of everything we do.

General Principles

The adoption of a Code of Conduct means that the standards and expectations of all Trust employees are transparent and equitable. This Code is therefore designed to set out expected standards of conduct and behaviour in order that employees themselves and the Academy/Trust’s community can be sure of the parameters and standards required of employees in such a manner that there will be confidence and trust in employee working practices.

This Code identifies the key areas of conduct and behaviour, setting out standards and guidance for employees. The areas highlighted in this Code are not exhaustive, and employees should endeavour to be seen as setting the highest standards of conduct in a way that does not bring themselves as a Trust employee, the Academy or department they work within, or the Trust in general into disrepute. Local Academy Codes of Conduct may exist alongside this document, however where any inconsistencies arise between the two, this version will take precedent.

All employees in the Academy/Trust are undertaking a professional role to support the education of young people. As such they are all role models and are expected to act accordingly. This includes relationships and communication with colleagues and pupils, adherence to the academy’s dress code and activities in the community outside the Trust.

All employees should ensure that their behaviour and performance meets work place standards at any time that the academy/Trust is being represented or is likely to be identified as such by members of the public.

To read the full Code of Conduct please see document below:

Code of Conduct