Remote Learning Expectations


There is a very clear, consistent format where work is laid out showing instructional videos from our teachers, tasks to be completed and a weekly assessment. There is also a timetable where staff are available to support students in a Q&A chat room via the Google Classroom. Learning will consist of 4 different platforms:

  • Independent learning
  • Directed learning (Pre-filmed introductions)
  • Live Learning
  • Feedback

Pre-recorded introductions allow students to study around their home-life schedules (for example, issues with shared lap-tops with siblings)

Student progress will be measured by pre-identified assessment pieces - these will be teacher assessed (rather than the smaller quizzes/tasks)

All students will receive feedback on their assessment pieces via an emailed Whole Class Feedback Form within one week of completing their assessments

Staff will be completing an engagement tracker that will identify not only those students who have not been engaging in work but those that are excelling. 

Behaviour expectations for online learning


  • Submit all learning tasks
  • Complete all online and offline learning tasks
  • It is important to put information into your own words and to avoid cutting and pasting
  • Follow our literacy guidance
  • If you get stuck or are feeling a little confused or frustrated all you need to do is contact your teacher.  There are also time tabled slots when you will be able to contact your teachers directly

Some times we give up if we are not prepared or if we are struggling with the task or technology.  We understand this.  So here are some top tips:

  1. Be prepared.  Try to get a quiet space.  Have pen or paper ready to take notes.  Get everything ready so you do not have to keep getting up and down.
  2. Do you have any questions about how to use the technology.  Is the technology stressing you out?  If this is the case contact a teacher, form tutor or head of year they can explain it to you.  Don’t panic and don’t throw the computer out of the window
  3. Are there tasks you do not understand. Use the chat option to let your teacher know – don’t be afraid to ask.  Also there are time tabled sessions when you can have live chats to your subject teacher

Respect.  How to behave in live online learning

  • Only turn your  microphone on when asked to speak or when responding to questions.
  • Remember to tell people in your home when you are going to be on a live lesson; this way it will stop you being disrupted and distracted
  • Keep your online chat focused on the learning. Ensure chat is respectful of all participants.
  • Avoid any comments that will cause offence
  • Keep your mobile phone off and away from you whilst participating in live learning online.
  • You must not film, record or share content.  Please do not take screenshots or record staff members presenting information to you
  • Inform all members of your household that you will be joining a video conference and that they can be seen (if your camera is on) and heard (if your mic is on)


Teacher support

  • In addition to the information on previous slides your teachers will be monitoring your work and giving you feedback.
  • If you seem to be struggling in a subject your teacher will contact you or speak with your parent/carer s to see what the issues are and how we can solve them
  • If you seem to be struggling in more than three or more subjects you will get a call from your form tutor or head of year again this is to support you
  • We are going to able to track your work and will be giving your assignments a score of between 1-4 .  4 is exceptional work above and beyond and you can expect our executive Head Teacher to be sending a congratulations

Live on line learning and inappropriate behaviour

  • Teachers have the right to remove a students or end a live learning session if there is any inappropriate behaviour.
  • If this does happen the teacher will refer the incident to Miss Morgan. 
  • Your parents will receive a phone call, you will be excluded from live lessons for a week.  You will also be required to complete an apology letter and a reflection sheet

Remember online learning is not a forum for chatting to your friends or any informal discussion. 
All comments need to relate to the work

Serious incidents include inappropriate language & comments that cause offense

Reading and Well-being Assembly 4th February 2021

Reading and Literacy Assembly - 4th January 2021 

With schools and libraries currently closed, we are doing everything we can to ensure your child continues to read widely, even from their own homes. Gaps in young peoples’ reading ages are often the greatest barrier to academic success. We would appreciate your support in ensuring that all students of Cleeve Park School are reading for at least 30 minutes per day.

This can include non-fiction, ebooks and audiobooks. Please see our recorded reading assembly and our recent newsletter on the school website for information on our various platforms.