The School Day - from September 2020

The School follows a two-week timetable - Week A and Week B.

From Monday 28th September we are asking all students to arrive at 8.30am as we have separate zoned enclosed areas for the students to wait should the weather be bad. Thanks to the students following the new routine the start to the day is running so smoothly we can now condense it so we gain more learning time.
  • Year 7 - will wait under the canopy with Andy, wash hands under the canopy and enter and lead up to the D corridor via the doors by SEN.
  • Year 8- will wait in their side of the canteen until 8.35 then wash hands on the trough on the side of the canteen and then enter and lead up to the D corridor through the main school corridor.
  • Year 9 -will wait on the other side of the canteen then wash hands at 8.40/8.45 under the canopy then enter via the main school corridor and lead to the A corridor.
  • Year 10- will wait in the sixth form canteen and then wash their hands in the main student toilets. Then head to the C corridor.
  • Year 11 - will enter through the science/tech doors and head into their tutor room and wash their hands there
  • Year 12/13- will head to CMS and wash their hands in the trough on the canteen wall.

We require you to keep to these times and exit promptly at the end of the day, students cannot loiter before or after school.

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