Exam Results 2021

Dear Parents /students,

(As of 9am on 10th August 2021 for A-Level and 12th August 2021 for GCSEs)

You would by now have received your exam results via your Gmail account. Congratulations to all our students on what they have achieved in a year of challenges.

  • If you have trouble logging into your gmail account to access results or have forgotten your password please contact cps-gsuitehelp@cleevepark-tkat.org this email address will be monitored 8am to 4pm during the results days
  • If you have logged on but haven’t received your results or any other queries regarding results  you need to contact us by emailing results@cleevepark-tkat.org  from your school email account and we will respond to you as soon as possible. We will endeavour to respond as soon as possible but will have limited access outside of the results days until the school re-opens on Thursday 26th August 2021. Unfortunately, we are unable to welcome you into school on these days for face to face meetings. 
  • If you wish to speak to a member of staff about your grades, you can call 020 8302 6418 between 9.30am and 12 noon on results days. (A Levels/ Level 3 qualifications - 10th August, GCSE’s/Level 2 qualifications – 12th August)  These are the days when staff will be available to speak to you. 
  • As detailed in our letter to you which you would have received with your results, there are sources of information which you may find useful as well as links to forms which need to be completed if you wish to appeal a grade you have received. 

JCQ have produced a useful Guidance for students, parents and guardians: GCSEs and AS/A Levels in England Summer 2021 and it can be found here:


As part of the document there is a section listing the grounds for appeals for Summer 2021 grades and the stages of the appeals process.


If you decide you wish to request a centre review you need to complete the Student Request form here. (Note: a separate form needs to be completed for each qualification you wish to review

Please note, there are strict deadlines for submission and they can be found in the timeline below.

  • For students applying to higher education who did not attain their firm choice and wishing to review/appeal their A Level results 
  • 10 August to 16 August: students requests centre review using online form  
  • 10 August to 20 August: school conducts centre review
  • 11 August to 23 August: if relevant, centre submits appeal to awarding organisation 
  • All other Reviews/Appeals (A Levels/GCSE’s)
  • 10 August to 3 September: students requests centre review using online form  
  • 10 August to 10 September: school conducts centre review
  • 11 August to 17 September: if relevant, centre submits appeal to awarding organisation 

You should be aware, grades can go down, up or remain the same following a review.

Following the review, the school will complete section B – Centre Review Outcome, discuss it with you and if appropriate, will submit an appeal to the awarding body (exam boards) on your behalf.

For your information, here is a link to our Centre Policy for Summer 2021 to the centre policy

Exam Series Autumn 2021

As mentioned in the letter sent with your results, if you wish to improve on your grades there is opportunity for you to take the A Level or GCSE exams you would have sat this summer in October/November 2021.  You will take the exam(s) here at Cleeve Park.  

If you want to take advantage of this, please email results@cleevepark-tkat.org with details of your name, and the qualification(s) you wish to sit.  The deadline for this is 4th September 2021