Composition of Local Governing Bodies (LGBs)

The Scheme of Delegation deliberately does not prescribe the composition of LGBs.  This is to allow flexibility, particularly where LGBs are federated.

Therefore, although the Board of Trustees reserves the right to determine the composition of LGBs, in practice an LGB is free to determine its own composition to ensure that it is able to carry out the core delegated functions. 

Most Governing Bodies in TKAT are composed of:  2 parents, 2 Staff, the Headteacher and appointed Governors as appropriate. 


Parents Governors are ideally parents of children currently in school (elected by a ballot of current parents), where this is not possible somebody who is a parent of child in the school or is the parent of a child in another school could be appointed.  There should be a minimum of 2 parents on each LGB.  Parents who would be eligible to stand as a staff governor at the school, or are an elected councillor are not eligible to stand as a parent governor.


It is good practice to have one member of the teaching staff and one member of the support staff on the LGB  (elected by the staff).  Governors who are employed by the Academy or by TKAT generally should not be Chair or Vice Chair of the LGB, or of individual committees, other than in exceptional circumstances.  Staff should not total more than one third of the total of governors.

The Headteacher can choose whether they sit on the Governing Body as a voting member or in a non-voting advisory capacity.


Appointed Governors is a catchall phrase for all other governors, including what used to be called community Governors.  Whilst the Board of Trustees reserves the right to appoint these Governors directly in practice this is usually left to the LGB.  Once the size and composition of the Governing Body is determined there is no scope to co-opt further Governors (but it can include others on the LGB as advisors in a non-voting capacity).  The Appointed Governors should form a majority.

Structure and Composition

Where an LGB serves more than one school there is the flexibility to determine a composition according to the needs of the school.  Possible models include:

  • Separate Governing Bodies for each school, with individual Governors serving on more than one LGB
  • A single LGB for all of the schools
  • An executive committee serving all the schools and sub-committees for each of the schools

The agreed composition of the LGB needs to be recorded and publicised on the school website, with changes to composition and membership recorded within the minutes of relevant meetings.   

D Linsell

January 2017



Cleeve Park School

Part of The Kemnal Academies Trust

1st September 2020

  • Cleeve Park School is governed by the Local Governing Body at Cleeve Park School.
  • The name of the Local Governing Body (LGB) is The Local Governing Body of Cleeve Park School.
  • The Local Governing Body shall be constituted of up to 12 Governors.

Class of Governor


Headteacher (ex-officio)












The Term of Office for each class of Governor shall be in accordance with the Scheme of Delegation of the LGB as granted by the Directors of The Kemnal Academies Trust.

This Constitution is made by The Kemnal Academies Trust and The Local Governing Body of Cleeve Park School effective from 1stt September 2020.




On behalf of TKAT

Karen Roberts




On behalf of the LGB

David Linsell

Chair of Governors