Work Experience

Why do work experience?

Spending as little as one day with an employer, doing simple tasks or merely work shadowing (watching an experienced employee at work) can be hugely beneficial for your son or daughter. Reasons for doing work experience include:

  • developing transferable skills, such as communication and teamworking
  • understanding how organisations work or bringing a job they have read about to life
  • building confidence in interacting with adults
  • confirming an interest in a career or (equally useful!) deciding it is not for them
  • a foot in the door - if they impress the employer they may be asked back on a more formal arrangement such as an internship, or encouraged to apply when vacancies arise.
  • providing valuable content for a UCAS personal statement, to give evidence of an interest in a particular subject/occupation

For some sectors, such as media production, the most usual route in is through work experience before landing a junior position.

Year 12 Work Experience 2021

This year we will not be carrying out the usual compulsory two-week work experience for our year 12 students due to the COVID pandemic. However, because we feel that it is so valuable for our students to gain employability skills such as communication, reliability and independence we want to encourage them to either get some part-time or voluntary work during the summer holidays. We are aware that a lot of our year 12 students are currently employed so that will equate to their work experience. All they will need to do is complete a checklist of learned skills with their supervisor or manager. The students who do not have any work only need to carry out a 10-day placement which they are responsible to find. If they are having any difficulties, then they must let me know as soon as possible.


Virtual work experience, also referred to as online, remote or digital, provides young people with the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace, develop their skills, boost their employability and explore new industries and job roles.

Finding Work Experience

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