Measles information from Public Health England



June 2019

Dear Parents/Carers


Public Health England have advised all schools that since the 1

st April there has been 27 confirmed cases of measles reported to the South London Health Protection team. Confirmed cases have been across all ages from under 1 year to over 50 years of age, with 19% in school age children, 18 years or under. A proportion of confirmed cases are linked to (mostly European) travel.

Measles is a very infectious viral illness that spreads by coughs and sneezes. The symptoms include fever, sore red eyes and a rash. It can be a serious infection for some people. Measles can spread easily if someone comes into school whilst they are infectious. People with measles are infectious from four days before, until four full days after the rash so they can pass measles on BEFORE they get the rash.

We would ask that you seek advice from your family doctor should your child develop a rash illness; to telephone ahead before attending general practice, Urgent Care Centres or the Emergency Department and to report to reception on arrival. If measles is diagnosed students should remain at home for 4 full day’s post onset of rash.

Click here to read a leaflet from the NHS and more information is available on the following websites


Yours sincerely

Mrs J Tyler-Maher

Executive Head Teacher

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