Key Stage 4 Uniform

School Uniform ethos

At Cleeve Park School we expect our students to take pride in their appearance; we place great emphasis on how our students present themselves.

Students Uniform

The governing body and staff of Cleeve Park School fully support a formal uniform policy to:

  • Create an environment of equality
  • Build a culture of positive self-esteem and confidence
  • Encourage a sense of belonging to our school community
  • Promote our mission statement of commitment, pride and success
  • Prepare students for the world of work
  • Provide our wider community with a positive image of our school



Navy school blazer with relevant year colour flash – supplied by Casey’s uniform suppliers.


Long sleeved ‘V’ neck navy pullover with school scroll or navy long sleeve buttoned cardigan (both optional)


Grey kilt ***


Plain charcoal or black suit style trousers / tailored grey shorts – jeans or chinos are not acceptable.***


Pale blue blouse with a revere collar tucked into skirt/ trousers at all times. Pale blue shirt with long or short sleeves – top button must be fastened and tucked into trousers at all times.***


Plain black leather or imitation leather type shoes are required. Boot style shoes may be no higher than ankle length. No coloured peripherals, if laced, black laces. Canvas or other materials not permitted, Cleeve Park school has a zero tolerance to trainers of any kind being worn with the school uniform without an official medical letter (see guide below for acceptable footwear) School shoes should be appropriate to business attire.

Should incorrect footwear be worn to school parents / careers will be called to try and resolve the issue and establish the reason for the incorrect footwear, sanctions may be given in line with the schools ‘UPBEAT behaviour policy’ *

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Plain white, Black or Grey socks or tights.

Boys Tie

Navy tie with school crest and year colour, tie must be fastened to show the year colour stripes and to the top of a buttoned shirt ***

Outdoor Wear

Students should have a warm coat (preferably dark in colour and waterproof). Casual leisure wear is not regarded as suitable for school. Sweatshirts or hoodies of any description (including the PE sweatshirt) do not qualify as outdoor wear and are not acceptable. Light decorative scarves are not permitted.


No jewellery whatsoever, including ear studs and other ear piercings, students are not permitted to wear jewellery in any part of their face. Students may wear a sensible wrist watch but no rings or bracelets. In the event that an item of jewellery is required for reasons of religious observance a letter will be required from the appropriate authority to explain the necessity for this requirement.


Hairstyles must meet with the standards of smartness and restraint expected in a school. We do not permit the following hairstyles:

Clippered hair below a *2

Hair dyed with bright un-natural colours

Shapes and wording etched into hair

Simple, plain navy hairband, grip or “Scrunchy”- no other coloured decorative hair adornments. These items will be removed from the pupil and taken to the main school office where they will need to be collected by a parent/ carer after 3pm *


No face make-up, nail varnish, acrylic nails, false eyelashes, heavy fake tan.

Pupils will be ordered to remove it and receive a sanction in line with ‘UPBEAT behaviour policy’ * Should a student refuse parents will be required to come to the school to rectify the issue.

*In some cases of incorrect uniform we reserve the right to withdraw any student out of circulation for the day or make arrangements for students to go home and correct inappropriate uniform.

Compulsory PE kit

  • Navy/sky blue PE t shirt (Free surname embossing)

  • Navy/ sky blue shorts

  • Navy/ sky blue tracksuit

  • Plain navy football socks/ regular navy socks

  • Football boots

  • Gym shoes/trainers (own preference as long as they are suitable for purpose)

Uniform Suppliers

Casey’s Schoolwear - Blackfen
ADDRESS: 246 Blackfen Road Sidcup DA15 8PW
OPENING TIMES: Mon-Sat 9-5 Sunday 10-4 (July and August Only)
EMAIL: sales@caseysschoolwear.co.uk
TELEPHONE: 02088508645 Mobile 07786996443

Unwanted Uniform

The staff at Cleeve Park School are extremely grateful to parents/carers who donate good quality second hand uniform to the school. All enquiries should be made by contacting the school reception on 0208 302 6418.
***The staff and Governors of Cleeve Park School fully supports students who are gender neutral and welcome them to be free to wear any part of the uniform they wish

Parental role

We ask that parents are especially vigilant about:

  • Piercings
  • Jewellery
  • School bags
  • School shoes
  • Make-up
  • Fake tan
  • False nails

Some students try to push the boundaries in these areas. If you are in any doubt about whether an item or uniform choice is acceptable. PLEASE CONTACT THE SCHOOL before you make a purchase and ensure you receive a definitive answer from a member of the senior leadership team.