Student Work in the event of school closure

Work to be completed in the event of a school closure

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Work Set






Year 7 - Create revision notes on the Murder of Thomas Becket (What happened? When did it happen? Why did it happen and who was involved?)

Year 8 - Create revision notes on the British Empire (What was the British Empire? What was the American War of Independence? How did the people of Empire feel about being part of the British Empire? Why did Britain want to build an Empire?)

Year 9 - Create revision notes on the Causes of the First World War (What are the LONG-TERM causes of the First World War? How did the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand lead to WWI? Why did so many British people want to fight in WWI? How did Propaganda make people want to join the army?)

Year 10 – Research 10 facts about the Vietnam War (Causes, Major events, Outcomes and Effects)

Year 11 – Complete questions in your Quiz Questions Booklet on Normand England (already distributed to students)

Year 12 – Complete Essay plan or British rule in India and Complete research project on relations with the indigenous peoples of the British Empire

Year 13 – Complete corrections to NEA on causes of the French Revolution

Religious Studies







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Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

FOUNDATION LEVEL 1    Foundation Problem Solving Questions

HIGHER LEVEL 1   Higher Problem Solving Questions

KS5 students need to download past exam questions from  and complete them for revision for their PPE. 





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