TKAT Games 2019 - Bringing home the gold!

On Tuesday 22nd May 2019 we had the pleasure of taking just over 60 of our students to the Lee Valley Athletics centre to compete in the annual TKAT games.

In the past we have been the host school but this year the honour was passed to Rainham School for Girls, so for the first time in 4 years, we got to sit back and coach our truly remarkable students and guide them throughout the day.

Previously we have finished in the bottom half of the results standing, but now this has changed!!

Yesterday the results were as follows:-

Boccia Tournament - Our team of Year 7 + 8 students for the 4th year in a row bought home the GOLD medal.

Girls - Our girls finished 6th out of 14 teams (which is an admirable position as we had 4 athletes forced to withdraw on the morning of the event).

Boys - The boys led the tournament from the outset with points in all 4x100m events, however as the day progressed our lead was cut and surpassed by both Debden and Kemnal schools…. until the results from the last 3 events results came in......these results saw Cleeve Park School climb up the leader board once more to finish the day as the Boys Champions for TKAT 2019!!!!!!

This is an amazing achievement that has topped of a fabulous sporting week which saw the Year 10 Football team securing a place in the North Kent Final for the first time in 16 years!

Our students were impeccably behaved throughout the event and we definitely showed the TKAT world just how awesome the kids at Cleeve Park School are!!

There were lots of successes, but a special acclaim to our Year 9 boys 4x100m team, who have now won the TKAT Games race 3 years in a row (an amazing feat considering its never been the same team!!!)

Overall standing for the three competitions:


1st Cleeve Park School

2nd Rainham

3rd The Mill


1st Cleeve Park School 

2nd Kemnal Technology College

3rd Debden School


1st Rainham

2nd Debden

3rd Chichester

6th Cleeve Park School





If you see any of the students in the pictures please, please please congratulate them, they did amazing.

Thank you to Rainham School for being great hosts and congratulations to all the TKAT schools involved on for working together and creating a wonderful atmosphere at the event.

Mr Luck

Head of PE