Visit by delegates from the Ekiti State House of Assembly in Nigeria.

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On Wednesday 24th January Cleeve Park School hosted a visit from a group of delegates from the Ekiti State House of Assembly in Nigeria.  We were visited by some very senior colleagues and influential decision makers within the state of Ekiti.  Our visitors included The Speaker of the Government; The Secretary of State for Education; The High Commissioner; two Education Ministers; the Chief Education Finance Minister; a Director of Education and two very high ranking Civil Servants.  They have been visiting the UK to learn about our curriculum; why we include certain subjects and not others; how we monitor and maintain standards in all areas across our schools; how we included students with special educational needs; recruitment of quality teachers; our relationships with Primary Schools and our vocational pathways and qualifications.

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The visit included a tour of our school, which Year 8 students Ben Magrowski, Kehinde and Taiwo Aina Saliu led perfectly, followed by a Q&A session with our students, Executive Head Mrs Tyler-Maher and Head of School Mrs Bonner.

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The group commented how well presented and articulate our students were and how purposeful the learning was as they toured the school.

We would like to thank Greenwich University for including our school in this visit and allowing us a chance to show our international colleagues the great work that is happening at Cleeve Park School.

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