English Texts for Years 9 & 10

To fully prepare your son/daughter for their GCSE English Literature Studies, students will be studying set texts throughout year 9 and 10.  Students are required to study three key texts and a collection of poetry. An anthology of the poetry is provided by the exam board but pupils are expected to have their own copies of the prose and drama texts. Therefore we ask that if you haven’t already purchased these texts for your son/daughter, that they are purchased as soon as possible for .

As a result of your son/daughter having their own copy of the text, they will be able to make key and necessary annotations, which will support in building a detailed knowledge of the texts. Pupils will also be able to read the text at home allowing for a greater proportion of lesson time being devoted to the exploration and analysis of the text, and the opportunity for re-reading. This will improve the chances of your son/daughter attaining the highest grades when they come to sit their GCSE English Literature.

An ISBN number has been included as the ideal copy to purchase but if this is unavailable another copy of the same text by the same author would be sufficient.

These texts are required equipment for pupils’ English lessons and so it is essential they have them ready for their return to school after the summer break. If there are any circumstances that may prevent this requirement being met then please do not hesitate to contact me by email (hallc@cleevepark-tkat.org) or by telephoning the school directly.

Please ensure any communication regarding purchasing difficulties occurs before the end of the summer break, so that suitable arrangements can be made.

Mrs Hall

Head of English





The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson





Lord of the Flies

William Golding


September 2017