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Careers and CEIAG

At Cleeve Park School we use our Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance programmes help prepare students for what opportunities may come their way, potential future responsibilities and essential life experience. With this help students are better prepared to make decisions and manage the transition from education to employment.

Careers Advice

You can never start too early as it can help you to think about the option subjects to take and the grades you will need for when you leave school to go to university or to take up an apprenticeship. 

Our dedicated Careers Advisor and team can help you to decide which GCSE, A Level or BTEC subjects you might need to take for specific careers.


For information regarding Careers & Strategic Destinations at Cleeve Park School please contact Mrs A Unger by email at or calling 020 8302 6418 

For a copy of our Careers Provider Access Statement click here