World Book Day 2017

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World Book Day Competitions

Closing date for these competitions is Thursday 16th March. Students can enter all competitions as many times as they like. Don’t forget to put your name and form on each entry. Each competition has the following prize:

·         A book

·         Stationery goody bag

·         5 house points

A Modern Fairy-tale Recipe

Students can make up a recipe based on a modern fairy-tale.  The ingredients are the characters  - good and bad and the method is the story.  So think of your favourite fairy-tale and modernise.   You can decorate your recipe with pictures.

Modern Fairy-tale Cartoon Strip

Similar to the recipe above but students can create a cartoon for their modern fairy-tale. Don’t forget to include speech bubbles and make it as colourful and eye catching as possible

Wanted Fairytale Villain Poster

Create your own “Wanted” Fairy-tale poster by:

·         Put your villain’s name at the top

·         Draw a picture of your fairy-tale villain

·         Put a reward amount

·         Say where they were last seen

·         List the clues found at the scene

·         Include a hand/foot print – animal or human

·         Write a description of the crime they are wanted for

·         Colour in your wanted poster to make it eye catching

Book bunting

Think of your favourite book and decorate your piece of bunting to promote it.  Make it as colourful as possible and don’t forget to include the title and author.

Hero/heroine/villain fairy-tale survey

Fill in the survey form and return it to the library. There is a book prize and 5 house points for every entry.

Don’t forget the book swap.

Enjoy World Book Day and don’t forget to get your free books using your World Book Day tokens from book suppliers taking part


Mrs Bisson

School Librarian